Airports Council to House, in rhyme: 'Go home'

The House is working Monday on amending a payroll tax holiday extension that was recently passed by the Senate, but the lobbying group for airports said Monday — in rhyme — that the lower chamber should stop and go home.

Airports Council International-North America Vice President for Government and Political Affairs Jane Calderwood offered a humorous take on the poem " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas" in a post on the association's blog Monday. In it, she said lawmakers had done enough to the aviation industry in 2011, referencing a shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration this summer.

The full ACI-NA poem is below:

Its days before Christmas

The Senate is gone

But the House continues

To keep hanging on

They’ve funded the government

Extended the extensions

And passed the majority of bills

Under suspension

They’ve named post offices

And talked and talked about jobs

And we long ago lost count

Of all the bombs they have lobbed

They shut down the FAA and

Failed to cut spending

And their complaints about each other

Seem never ending

So please dash away, dash away, dash away all

Go home and be quiet, we all need a rest

We’ll see you in January

When you return to fix this mess.

The House does not appear likely to take the advice; GOP leaders have signaled they oppose the payroll tax legislation they received from the Senate. The short-term bill that funds the FAA is scheduled to run out in January.