Objects ruled out as missing plane debris

A group of objects that were believed to be related to the disappearance of the missing Malaysia Airlines' Flight 370 were ruled out as a debris from the vanished plane, officials with the airline said Monday.

Officials from countries such as Australia, France, China and Thailand each identified satellite images of objects in the Indian Ocean they believed could be related to the Malaysia Air flight, which has been missing and presumed-crashed since March 8.

Malaysia Air officials said Monday that five objects were pulled from the water and turned out not to be related to the vanished airplane.

"In terms of the sightings of potential objects: on Saturday, five objects were retrieved by HMAS Success and the Haixun," the company said in a statement. "However, it was found that none of these objects were related to MH370."

The airline said other objects that were identified in satellite images were still be searched for.

"On Sunday, an Australian P3 Orion made visual sightings of seven potential objects," Malaysia Air said. "A Korean P3 Orion also made visuals of three potential objects. The Chinese ship, the Haixun, was tasked on Monday to retrieve these potential objects."

The search for the missing Malaysia Air flight has dragged on for three weeks as officials from multiple nations are combing the southern Indian Ocean for traces of the missing jetliner. The airplane was a Boeing 777 that was carrying 239 passengers at the time of its disappearance.

The flight was last detected by air traffic controllers when it was about an hour into its scheduled flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China on March 8.

Officials originally believed the jet had crashed in the Gulf of Thailand, which is where its intended flight path was scheduled to have it fly over.

The search was later focused on the southern Indian Ocean after investigators determined that the plane was intentionally turned around and continued flying for several hours.

The disappearance of the Malaysia Air flight has drawn fears of foul play as investigators have struggled to locate traces of the missing airplane.