Virgin America voted best airline

Virgin America voted best airline
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Virgin America Airlines has been voted the best U.S. airline for customer service, CNN reports.

The rankings are compiled by the Airline Quality Rating group, which conducts a statistical analysis of airline performance ever year.
Virgin America topped the list for the second consecutive year, according to the report.

The airline had an on-time performance rate of 82.5 percent in 2013, and it also led the industry in baggage handling.

Wichita State University professor Dean Headley, who co-authored the study, said the entire U.S. airline industry had good performance ratings in 2013.

"I think generally speaking for the last several years we've been in a pretty good place from a performance standpoint," Headley said. "As an industry we're in a good spot. People seem to be flying. Price isn't scaring them away, which seems to be what people look at most.”

Virgin America was followed in the rankings by JetBlue Airways, and Hawaiian, Delta and Alaska airlines.