TSA's 'stunning' discovery

TSA's 'stunning' discovery
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The Transportation Security Administration discovered a stun gun that was concealed as a pink lipstick holder at the Detroit International Airport, the Detroit Free-Press reports.

The discovery was triggered by the sparkly lip case being noticed in a female passenger's carry-on bag by an X-ray machine, according to the report.

The stun gun was confiscated and the passenger received a ticket from local police, but she was allowed to continue onto her flight to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., the paper said. 

TSA spokesman Jim McKinney told the paper that the agency often discovers contraband items that are concealed as seemingly harmless items. 

“We’ve had people travel and not realize they have a sword cane in their luggage,” McKinney said. “You can’t take it with you, but you won’t get arrested for it like a loaded gun.”

McKinney said the TSA is required by load to treat guns most seriously than other illegal items.

“Certain weapons are more serious and require more serious actions,” McKinney told the paper. “A stun gun may not escalate to the level of you missing your flight.”

The TSA has been criticized by Republicans in Congress for confiscating items that are designed to look like guns, but are not actual weapons.