Co-pilot of flight that landed at wrong airport retires

Co-pilot of flight that landed at wrong airport retires
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The co-pilot of a Southwest Airlines flight that landed at the wrong airport in January has retired, the Associated Press reports

The pilot had been serving a suspension since working on a flight from Chicago’s Midway Airport that landed at the Taney County, Mo., airport instead of its intended destination in Branson. 

The two airports are about seven miles apart. The captain of the errant Southwest flight has resumed flying, according to the report. 

The landing took air traffic controllers in the area of the Missouri airports by surprise. 

Audio released last month by the Federal Aviation Administration revealed one air traffic controller at the Branson airport asked “are you kidding?” when he was informed the Southwest flight had landed at another location. 

The National Transportation Safety Board issued a warning to pilots to stay vigilant during landing attempts in the wake of the Southwest incident.