Travel website adds Amtrak reservations

Travel website adds Amtrak reservations
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A popular travel website is adding Amtrak reservations alongside its flight options, USA Today reports

The website,, will allow travelers who are going to East Coast cities like Washington, D.C., Boston and New York to compare Amtrak trips with flights. 

The company says it is the first travel website that is primarily geared toward flights to offer Amtrak options, according to the report. 

ADVERTISEMENT's CEO Jeff Klee told the paper that it made sense to offer rail options along Amtrak’s popular Northeast Corridor, where most of its normal ridership comes from. 

"For many markets, and these three are the big ones, it does make a lot of sense to consider rail instead of flights, especially when you factor in all the hassles and transport time to and from the airport,'' Klee said of Boston, New York and D.C. 

Klee said offering the Amtrak option on his website might also open some travelers' minds who are used to only flying to their destinations to rail trips. 

“If you're coming from out of town and not used to even thinking of rail, all of a sudden, when it's presented there and you see it's significantly less expensive and not that much longer ... you'll see a great option you didn't know existed,'' Klee told the paper.