Study: Bloody Marys best airplane drink

Study: Bloody Marys best airplane drink
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Bloody Marys have been voted the best tasting drink on airplanes, CNN reports

The finding comes from a study conducted by an academic study titled “Airplane noise and the taste of umami.”

The authors found that noises from airplane engines can impact passengers ability to properly taste most things by as much as 30 percent, according to the report. 

Tomato juice, which are used to make Bloody Mary’s, are a rare exception to the rule, the study finds. The authors of the study attribute the difference to the fact that tomatoes are rich in a savory flavor known as umami.

"Umami, however, is immune to this effect," the study’s authors Charles Spence, Charles Michel and Barry Smith wrote in their study, according to the report.

"There is even some evidence to suggest that it ... may actually boost some of the other basic tastes,” the authors continued. 

The authors said their findings could be used to explain the popularity of Bloody Mary’s among frequent fliers. 

“A key feature of tomatoes is that they are rich in umami ... perhaps all those travelers who order a Bloody Mary after the seatbelt sign has been turned off have figured out intuitively what scientists are only now slowly coming to recognize empirically,” the authors wrote. 

The authors said their findings could potential be used to improve airline food and beverage options. 

"One might also want to recommend an umami-rich menu -- that is, foods such as Parmesan cheese, tomatoes, and mushrooms -- to all those vocal restaurant critics out there, especially it seems in North America, who have been complaining that the background noise in many restaurants is simply too loud nowadays," the authors wrote.