Wal-Mart offering car insurance


There is a new entry into the auto insurance industry: Wal-Mart. 

The Associated Press reports that the giant retailer is beginning to offer car insurance plans in eight states on its website. 

The plans are a partnership with Fort Lee, N.J.-based Tranzutary Insurance Solutions LLC, according to the report. 

Wal-Mart Senior Vice President of Services told the AP that it was a natural fit for the big-box retailer to expand its offerings to car insurance. 

"Our customers too often have to settle for auto insurance policies that aren't the best fit and cost more than they want to spend," Eckert said.

The Wal-Mart auto insurance plans will be sold through Tranzutary Insurance’s AutoInsurance.com.

The chain will focus on offering price comparisons to its customers, according to the report.