Investigators: Overweight cargo caused ferry to sink

A South Korean ferry accident that resulted in 260 people dying was caused by overweight cargo, according to a CNN report

Investigators have said that the ferry that sunk on April 16 was carrying more than double its weight limit for cargo and the packages were not properly restrained, according to the report. 

The result of the mishap was the ferry, which was carrying more than 460 passengers, capsizing and later sinking. 

CNN said investigators were considering the possibility that the initial trouble for the ferry was caused by the unrestrained cargo that was on board shifting. 

“The lashing devices that should have held cargo goods steady were loose, and some of the crew members did not even know" senior South Korean prosecutor Yang Joong-jin said according to the network. 

Investigators are still searching for 35 people who were on board the ferry who have been unaccounted for, according to the report.