Environmental group to lawmakers: 'Don't drill and drive'

The NRDC praised the Senate's plan to pass a two-year budget for highway programs that relies on more traditional sources of funding such as the highway gas tax as "bi-partisan."

"With the current federal surface transportation law set to expire on March 31, the Senate is poised to pass a bi-partisan transportation bill this month — a bill co-sponsored by one of the most liberal and one of the most conservative members of the senate, Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Jim Inhofe (R-OK)," the group said Monday. "Sen. Boxer has implored her House colleagues not to 'load this bill' with very controversial items. She applauded the Environment and Public Works Committee’s 'model of bipartisanship' in passing its portion of the transportation bill unanimously back in November."

By contrast, the group said the GOP highway bill was "a sop to Big Oil."

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