FAA conference committee to meet Tuesday

The Democratic conferees for the Senate will be Rockefeller and Sens. Barbara Boxer (Calif.), Bill Nelson (Fla.), Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Maria Cantwell (Wash.). The GOP negotiators will be Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas), Johnny Isakson (Ga.), Jim DeMint (S.C.) and Orrin Hatch (Utah). The House has not confirmed its conferees yet.

Both chambers approved a short-term extension of the FAA bill last that contains the appropriation for the beleaguered agency, which was set to see its funding run out on Tuesday. The short-term bill is the 23rd extension of the FAA's last multi-year authorization, which expired in 2007.

Lawmakers have said now that they have reached an agreement on labor provisions that held up negotiations on the FAA for the better part of a year that the long-term bill is expected to be finalized before the latest extension expires on Feb. 17.

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