Denver airport: Passengers complying with marijuana ban

Denver airport: Passengers complying with marijuana ban
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The Denver International Airport says passengers are complying with its ban on marijuana that was implemented this year despite a Colorado law that allows recreational use, The Associated Press reports

The airport, which is the sixth-busiest in the U.S, banned passengers or employees from carrying marijuana on its grounds shortly after Colorado approved its recreational use measure. 

The fine for violating the ban one time is typically $150. Repeat offenders face charges as high as $999. 

Airport officials have said their grounds were excempt from Colorado’s law because marijuana was on the list of items that airline passengers are prohibited from carrying by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). 

Airport spokesman Heath Montgomery told the Denver Post that only 10 passengers have been stopped for marijuana possession since the ban was put in place. 

"To have contact with 10 people out of millions passing through, it tells me most people are abiding by the rules and this is not a major issue," Montgomery said.