Airport allows passengers to carry liquor in terminals

Airport allows passengers to carry liquor in terminals
© Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Nashville International Airport is allowing passengers to carry alcoholic drinks to gates in its terminals, The Tennessean newspaper reports

Prior rules required passengers to remain inside bars and restaurants, until they finished their drinks, like most airports in the United States do.

However, the Nashville airport has acquired its own liquor and beer permit, according to the report. 

Passengers told the paper they enjoyed the new rules. 

"This is cool," Nashville visitor Trixie Lebenzon told the paper. "If your flight is delayed or you have down time, you can sit and have a beer at your gate and not have to worry about being stuck at a bar."

Restaurants will be required to serve alcoholic beverages in plastic cups with their logo on them, which officials said would help enforce rules against selling liquor to underage passengers.