Transportation sector gains 16,600 jobs in June

The transportation sector gained 16,600 jobs in June as the national unemployment rate dropped to 6.1 percent, according to statistics released by the Department of Labor on Thursday.

The Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics said there were 4,618,500 jobs in transportation in June, compared to 4,601,900 in May. 

The jump was part of a 288,000 increase in overall jobs in June, the department said.

The transportation sector with the highest employment increase was “couriers and messengers,” which gained 5,500 jobs in June. The sector had 568,500 jobs in June, compared to 563,000 in May.

The biggest drop in employment in the transportation sector took place in the scenic and sightseeing transportation industry, which lost 800 jobs last month. The category had 29,300 jobs in June, down from 30,100 in May.

The airline industry gained 200 jobs in June, going from 456,200 in May to 456,400 last month. The trucking industry gained 3,300 jobs in June, going from 1,401,700 in May to 1,405,000 last month. 

Transit and ground passenger transportation companies gained 200 jobs, going from 451,200 in May to 451,400 last month. 

Long-distance and freight rail companies gained 1,500 jobs, going from 236,400 in May to 237,900 last month. 

The full June jobs report can be read here.