Ohio airport turns to prairie grass to combat bird strikes

Dayton International Airport officials are growing prairie grass near the facility’s runways to prevent deadly bird strikes, The Associated Press reports

Airport officials said the tall grass would deter large birds like geese from flying near commercial airplanes and damaging their engines, according to the report. 

Geese were found to be responsible for the emergency landing of a US Airways flight in New York in 2009 that has become known as the “Miracle on the Hudson.” 

Dayton Airport officials said the prairie grass would help prevent similar incidents from occurring near their facility and also have other environmental benefits. 

“We operate airports in a smaller and smaller environment," Dayton Airport Director Terrence G. Slaybaugh told the paper. "If we are going to protect the long term use of airports in an increasingly populated area we need to be less intrusive and find ways to contribute in a positive way to our surroundings."

The prairie glass plan will have to be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, according to the report.