Flight 17 victims’ bodies returned home

The bodies of 20 victims of the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 were returned to the country on Friday, The Associated Press reports

Officials in the country declared Friday a “national day of mourning” in anticipation of the arrival of the remains, according to the report. 

Malaysia Airline’s Flight 17, which was carrying 295 people, was shot down in July in an incident that was allegedly orchestrated by Russian separatists in Ukraine. 

U.S. and Ukraine officials have pointed the finger at Russia itself for the downing of the plane, noting that Russia has provided training and equipment to the separatists.

The crash of Flight 17 was the second major disaster to strike the company in 2014.  

The trouble for the company first began when its Flight 370 disappeared in March while it was carrying 239 passengers. The disappearance of the Boeing 777 airplane, which has still not been found, roiled the international aviation industry and caused turmoil for the airline.