Schumer pushes for rule requiring airlines to include carry on fees in price quotes

Spirit Airlines, another low-cost carrier that primarily services flights to travel destinations, began charging carry-on fees in 2010. 

Schumer asked major carriers to pledge not to charge for carry on bags when the majority of airlines began charging for checked baggage two years ago. American, Delta, JetBlue, United and US Airways all signed on the agreement.

"According to United Continental, 87 percent of passengers in recent years bring bags on planes, making them ubiquitous with air travel. Consequently, for nearly all airline passengers, a carry-on bag fee would effectively represent an increase in the cost of the flight," Schumer wrote in his letter to the Department of Transportation.

In 2010, Schumer called for a similar administrative rule that would have made carry-on fees illegal, although the department did not issue such a regulation.