TSA denies accusing 4-year-old of having a handgun

In a post on its own blog, TSA offered a much different account of the incident.

"I’ve seen some headlines stating that TSA Officers accused a 4-year-old child of having a firearm," TSA blogger Bob Burns wrote. "This wasn’t the case, and I wanted to take a few moments to explain what happened.

Burns said TSA has "long had a security procedure where if somebody has contact with a person who is undergoing additional screening, they must also undergo additional screening.

"Why you might ask," he wrote. "You’ve probably heard the old saying that the hand can be faster than eye? Well… that’s the reasoning behind this procedure. There’s always the chance that a prohibited item could be traded off during contact. I’m sure you’ve watched the scene play out in more than one movie where two people collide or shake hands and an item is traded off? Same thing … ."

Burns said TSA officials explained to the Brademeyer family why the child needed to be screened by again after hugging her grandmother.

"We’ve reviewed the incident and determined that our officers followed proper current screening procedures," he said.

Brademeyer did not agree.

“My child, who was obviously terrified, had no idea what was going on, and the TSOs involved still made no attempt to explain it to her," she wrote in her Facebook post. "When they spoke to her, it was devoid of any sort of compassion, kindness or respect. They told her she had to come to them, alone, and spread her arms and legs. She screamed, "No! I don't want to!" then did what any frightened young child might, she ran the opposite direction.

“That is when a TSO told me they would shut down the entire airport, cancel all flights, if my daughter was not restrained," Brademeyer continued. "It was then they declared my daughter a ‘high-security-threat.’"