Sen. Gillibrand files bill to make it easier to kill geese near NY airports

Under Gilibrand's legislation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture would be required to declare the geese near New York airports a safety risk and remove them at the end of their designated molting period.

Gilibrand's measure has come under fire from animal-rights groups.

"We cannot allow this destructive bill to pass and set a dangerous precedent that would declare open season on wildlife in refuges that exist to protect them," the New York-based group Friends of Animals said in a blog post on its website, titled "Kill the Idiotic Bill — Not the Geese."

"Air safety will be only improved by focusing on deterring geese and other birds from airports through habitat modification, effective land-use planning and radar detection, not by killing birds," the group said.

Gilibrand's office said her bill would require the geese near JFK airport to be removed completely by Aug. 1.