Transit groups win award for ad featuring Reagan, Bill Clinton

"Common sense tells us that it will cost a lot less to keep the system we have in good repair than to let it disintegrate and have to start over," he says later in the ad. "Clearly this program is an investment in tomorrow that we must make today." 

The ad then splices together comments about transportation spending Clinton made during his eight years as president with comments made by Reagan.

Together, the former presidents from opposite political parties say in the ad: "By modernizing and building roads, bridges, transit systems and railways, a network of highways of mass transit that has enabled our commerce to thrive, connecting millions of Americans to the economic mainstream, our country to grow, ushering in two decades of unparalleled growth."

APTA said Friday that the ad was given a "Hermes Award" by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals in the category of audio advocacy.

The group said the ad was aired on CNN, Fox and Sunday political shows like NBC's "Meet The Press" and ABC's "This Week" in the Washington, D.C., television market.  

APTA said the ad also aired in cities including New York, Philadelphia, Boston, St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta and Seattle.