GOP Rep. Sandy Adams hits Mica on Georgia transportation tax in Fla. primary

The remarks from Mica, reported by radio station WABE after a speech at the Atlanta chapter of the Urban Land Institute and the Center for Quality Growth, did not specifically endorse the Georgia transportation tax.

“I didn’t come here to tell you what to do,” the station reported Mica said. “You’ve got a referendum and the citizens of this region will make a decision."

But Mica reportedly told listeners, "[I]f you want to see your portion of transportation go someplace else, if you aren’t ready, it will now go somewhere else where they are ready to do things.”

Opponents of the transportation referendum in Georgia have argued that the proposal is too large of a tax increase.

Polls show that support for the transportation tax proposal has been slipping in recent weeks.

If the proposal is approved by all 12 regions of Georgia that are scheduled to hold votes on it, supporters have said it will generate $18 billion for road and transit projects in the state. 

A list of projects the money would be used for was approved by local officials after months of contentious debate.