Amtrak plans $7 billion upgrade of DC's Union Station

The master plan was unveiled in a press conference at Union Station.

Deputy Transportation Secretary and Union Station Redevelopment Corporation (USRC) Chairman John Porcari agreed with Boardman that it was important to invest in the Washington, D.C., station.

“Today’s plan ensures that Union Station will continue to serve as the gateway to our nation’s capital, providing growing numbers of passengers with even greater transportation options,” Porcari said in a statement. “The Department of Transportation is committed to Union Station’s future, both as an important part of the local economy and of the president’s vision for a revitalized Northeast Corridor.”

Amtrak said the renovations to Union Station will make it easier for the station to accommodate high-speed trains in the future. Amtrak has called for increasing the speed of its trains to more than 200 miles per hour by 2030.