Sen. Paul 'hopes' Romney shares anti-TSA stance

Sen. Paul has had run-ins with the TSA before. Both Paul and his father, Texas Rep. Ron Paul (R), have called for the controversial agency to be eliminated, and the younger Paul accused the agency of "detaining" him earlier this year.

The Hill has reached out to Romney's campaign for a response to Paul's comments.

The GOP platform that was approved at the party's convention last month in Tampa contained language that was similar to Paul's criticisms of the TSA, however.

"While the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks brought about a greater need for homeland security, the American people have already delivered their verdict on the Transportation Security Administration: its procedures — and much of its personnel — need to be changed," the GOP platform says.

"It is now a massive bureaucracy of 65,000 employees who seem to be accountable to no one for the way they treat travelers," the GOP's TSA plank continues. "We call for the private sector to take over airport screening wherever feasible and look toward the development of security systems that can replace the personal violation of frisking."