GOP report on 9/11 anniversary eve: Make TSA 'smarter, leaner'

Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Rogers said Monday TSA's methods have stagnated since it was created in 2002.   

"Since TSA's creation after the devastating terrorist attacks of 9/11, the agency has gone down a troubling path of overspending, limiting private sector engagement, and failing to sufficiently protect passenger privacy," he said in a statement. "Based on vigorous oversight by the subcommittee on Transportation Security, this report shines a bright light on TSA and lays the groundwork for meaningful reform." 

Among the report's recommendations is increasing the use of risk-based security technique such as the ones like TSA's Pre-Check known passenger and behavior detection programs that have been touted recently by the agency. 

The report also calls for limiting spending on airport security "by reducing the size of the TSA workforce, conducting cost-benefit analyses for all major programs and purchases, and communicating with industry to avoid setting technology requirements that are unattainable." 

TSA could "create jobs by contracting with the private sector to perform screening," the GOP report says.   

The full report can be read here