GOP: Hawaii airport baggage handling report shows 'system-wide problems' with TSA

“This report and one TSA fiasco after another have demonstrated that this isn’t the problem of a few bad apples," Mica continued. "There are system-wide problems with this massive bureaucracy. In this case, the IG identified deficiencies in how TSA develops and implements changes to screening procedures, a lack of clarity in supervisory responsibilities and insufficient training, and a failure to deploy screening equipment where it was needed, even though that equipment was collecting dust in a warehouse.”

Chaffetz agreed, saying "[A]ll of TSA’s other failures — including privacy violations and multiple failed deployments of expensive new technology and techniques — are underscored by this failure of its basic mission.

“The American public deserves and expects a TSA that is effective in its mission, respectful of our rights, and efficient in its operations,” he said.

Democrats were a little more charitable about the report, saying it "shows that while TSA has made major strides since it was created ten years ago, there are still some fairly simple problems which must be addressed.

"I am concerned that there is a disconnect between our TSOs on the frontline and those at TSA headquarters who create policy and protocols," said Rep. Bennie Thompson, the ranking Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee. 

"TSA must change its internal operating procedures — as soon as possible — to ensure that it better manages security policy and takes into account the special circumstances of some of our nation’s busiest airports," Thompson continued. "The security of our aviation infrastructure is critical to all Americans and I will continue to work with TSA to make sure we have a well-trained, equipped, and effective workforce securing it.”

The DHS inspector general's report said "[T]he responsibility for screening the baggage belongs to the individual Transportation Security Officers, but this situation might not have occurred if TSA developed changes in screening procedures comprehensively and then thoroughly evaluated the effects of such changes; supervisors provided better oversight of Transportation Security Officers and baggage screening operations; and provided screening operations at the affected location with adequate staff and screening equipment in a timely manner."

The full report can be read here.

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