Bill Clinton: Romney is a car guy 'if having an elevator to stack them counts'

Ryan said Romney was a "car guy" and accused Democrats of "misquoting" an widely read op-ed the former Massachusetts governor wrote in The New York Times in 2008 titled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.”

But Clinton said Friday that he had his doubts about Romney's car credentials, with a dig about the infamous auto elevator the former governor reportedly planned to install in a home he owns in La Jolla, Calif., according to a report from the website. 

"When Mr. Ryan said last night that Gov. Romney was a car guy, I thought, well, if having an elevator to stack them counts, I guess he was," Clinton said.

Ryan did not expound on his assertion about Romney being a "car guy," but he was likely referring to the fact that Romney's father was the owner of American Motor Co., which later bought by Chrysler.