Detroit website endorses Obama, calls Romney’s auto bailout opposition ‘unforgivable’

“We don't forget Romney's editorial in The New York Times titled ‘Let Detroit go bankrupt,’ " the editorial continued. “It is an unforgivable and unconsciouble [sic] position by a man with the audacity to claim himself a son of Detroit. Romney may have grown up here, but he left long ago.” 

The endorsement follows another Detroit media outlet, The Detroit News newspaper, saying this week that it was thankful for Obama's assistance with the auto industry, but endorsing Romney.

Romney has defended himself from attacks on his op-ed by arguing that he was in favor of a "managed bankruptcy" for the auto industries. But Obama has hammered him for his 2008 article, arguing that only the federal government had the financial resources to provide loans to the auto companies during that year’s economic panic.

The MLive website agreed with Obama.

“Romney defends his editorial as the blueprint for, essentially, what Obama did,” the editorial said. “The president's administration brought the automakers into a controlled bankruptcy, bolstered the companies with capital and gave them time to right the ship.

“Romney says he wanted to do the same; he just wanted to do it through private investment,” the endorsement editorial continued. “The problem? No one was investing in anything when the automakers nearly collapsed, much less offering up $80 billion to failing companies. Lack of government intervention would have resulted in the liquidation of Detroit's Big 3 and the end of the American automotive industry as we know it. Obama saved Detroit. We don't forget.”

The website said it was not just endorsing Obama because of his stance on the auto bailout, citing his healthcare law and foreign-policy record.

“While [the auto bailout is] enough to earn an endorsement, the president has done enough in his 3 1/2 years in the Oval Office to earn another term,” the website said. “The Affordable Health Care law [sic], while touted as a step toward national health care, is actually a long-term budget solution …The Obama administration also stood strong on national security. The president extricated the U.S. from an unproductive war in Iraq, and his administration brought about the death of Osama bin Laden.”

In the end, the website said, “Obama intervened where Romney said he wouldn't.

“The president got it right and saved Detroit,” the website said. “Romney got it wrong. If he'd been in charge, an historic American industry and city may have fallen. Governor, the people of Detroit don't forget.”