Auto bailout cited in Detroit paper's endorsement of Obama

The editorial listed Obama’s healthcare reform law, the killing of Osama bin Laden, and job growth since 2009 as reason the president should be reelected.

It did not mention Romney’s opposition to the loans that were given to General Motors and Chrysler, but the paper did say of the former Massachusetts governor: “[A]s a candidate, Romney has been a shape-shifter, his message twisting and reconfiguring itself to fit the needs of the moment.

“He is a Detroit native and the son of an auto chief and former governor whose legacy still evokes bipartisan respect,” the paper wrote of Romney.

But the editorial added that the GOP nominee’s “economic plans are a rehash of those responsible for the fiscal crisis that greeted Obama in 2009.”

The Obama and Romney campaigns have engaged in a vicious fight over the effects of the auto bailouts as they vie for voters in critical swing state Ohio. Obama has taken credit for "saving" the auto industry by providing the loans, pointing to an op-ed Romney wrote at the time the assistance was being considered, titled "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt."

Romney has countered that he was suggested a "managed bankruptcy" for the companies, and his campaign is running an ad in Ohio suggesting that he would be better for the auto industry than Obama.

Democrats have argued that the ad contains a disputed charge that one of the companies that received the bailout, Chrysler, is planning to move production of its Jeep brand from Ohio to China.