Mobile parking meter company backtracks on Dodd-Frank fee attribution

In an follow-up email to its members that was obtained by The Hill Thursday afternoon, the company relented.

"Last week in a press release and email announcement introducing the Parkmobile Wallet, a simpler, lower cost way to pay for parking in the District of Columbia, the company made an overly simplistic statement about the underlying cause of increasing card transaction fees," the email, which makes no mention of Durbin, says.
"In an attempt to explain why costs have increased the company left the potentially confusing impression that Federal legislation is to blame," the email continues. "The company apologizes for any confusion caused by this statement."

The underlying Dodd-Frank law has been touted by President Obama and other Democrats as a safety net for consumers after the economic crisis of 2008. But Republicans have derided the measure as a burdensome set of regulations on business, and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney has pledged to repeal it.