GOP presses for Senate passage of FEMA bill during Hurricane Sandy review

In the immediate aftermath of Sandy, public transportation systems in states like New York and New Jersey were closed, hampering residents' ability to get around as they were dealing with personal property damage.

Republicans have said their FEMA bill would streamline the disaster relief process for individuals already dealing with infrastructure hardships in the wake of a damaging storm.

Mica said Tuesday he was "hopeful that we can dislodge" the FEMA bill in the Senate before the end of the year — and the end of the 112th Congress.

"Hopefully again our legislation can be passed before this Congress leaves," Mica said.

"Some 10 years from now we don't want to be having hearings and asking FEMA why it's taking so long to rebuild from Hurricane Sandy," he also offered. "We know what is awaiting, unfortunately, some of the folks in New York and New Jersey and other areas that have been impacted in the Northeast by this most recent storm, and we know the red tape, paperwork and sometimes confusing process that they have to deal with."