Report: DC changing license plates to read 'District of Columbia'

The Washington, D.C., license plate has been a frequent home for attempted political statements.

For more than a decade, the capital city's license plates have included the phrase "Taxation Without Representation," a reference to the city's lack of voting members in Congress.

The district's lone representative is Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), who is a "non-voting" member that is only allowed to cast votes on legislation during committee hearings.

The taxation slogan on D.C. license plates has presented a political quandary for presidents taking up residence in the city for four or eight years. President Obama notably placed plates with the slogan on his limousines recently after eschewing them for his entire first term.

The decision was being seen as a victory by advocates of D.C. statehood. 

Obama initially followed a precedent set by former President George W. Bush, who did not include the taxation license plate on vehicles during his tenure in the White House from 2001 to 2009.

Bush's predecessor, former President Clinton, added the taxation license plates to his limos when they were introduced during his final year in office.