TSA to allow knives on planes for the first time since 9/11

"TSA is taking small knives, novelty-sized bats and certain sporting equipment off of the Prohibited Items List starting April 25th, which will allow Transportation Security Officers to better focus their efforts on finding higher threat items such as explosives and/or improvised explosive device (IED) components," the agency said.

The agency added that the decision "aligns TSA with international standards and our European counterparts."

TSA stressed that allowing small knives on planes would not make flying less safe.

"Small knives, novelty-sized bats and certain sporting equipment are unlikely to result in catastrophic destruction of an aircraft," the agency said. "In the context of a layered approach to security, hardened cockpit doors further reduce the likelihood of breaching the cockpit.  Federal Flight Deck Officers, crewmembers with self-defense training and Federal Air Marshals will help to ensure the safety of all crewmembers and passengers."

TSA said it will still maintain its prohibition on razor blades and box cutters and another knives that did not lock into a "solid position." The agency said it will also continue its ban on full-sized baseball bats made out of wood or aluminum.

However, TSA said the changes to its regulations included pool, hockey and lacrosse sticks, golf clubs and ski poles.

Photos courtesy of TSA.