Boeing flies 787 'Dreamliner' test flight

"The flight is a normal Boeing production check flight intended to validate that all systems function as designed," the company said in a statement. 

"During a functional check flight, crews cycle the landing gear and operate all the backup systems, in addition to performing electrical system checks from the flight profile," the company continued. "Across airplane programs, more than 600 functional check flights were completed in 2012."

The 787 was grounded after a series of incidents involving defects with its lithium-ion batteries that culminated in a fire on an airplane that was being operated by Japan Airlines at Boston's Logan International Airport.

Other worldwide aviation agencies quickly followed the FAA's lead, resulting in a worldwide grounding of the Dreamliner.

The FAA has approved Boeing's plan to reapply for certification of the 787. The changes that were proposed included improving the insulation system of the 787 batteries and insert containment and venting systems to prevent short-circuiting and smoke from emanating from the batteries.

Boeing said Monday's test flight was a crucial step in that process.

"Following the completion of the functional check flight, we will analyze the data from the flight and prepare for certification ground and flight demonstration in the coming days," the company said. "The plan is to conduct one certification demonstration flight. That flight, which will take plan on Line 86, will demonstrate that the new battery system performs as intended during flight conditions."