Bus industry: Why wait for delayed flight? Take a bus

The bus association also noted that passengers on long-distance buses never have to turn off their electronic devices.

"You can always stay changed and run your tablet, laptop or smart phone, conducting business, watching a movie or playing a game while you take your journey," ABA said.

The flight delays at major airports that began on Sunday when the FAA began furloughs for its 15,000 air traffic controllers have touched off a firestorm in Washington.

Republicans accused the Obama administration of purposely delaying flights to inconvenience airline passengers to score political points in the fight over the sequester.

Democrats have countered that the across-the-board budget cuts are the result of the inability of Congress and the White House to reach a budget compromise. The cuts were put in place in 2011 to force lawmakers to come to an agreement, but the White House insisted on raising taxes in a new budget deal, and Republicans refused to consider any increases.

Legislation has been introduced in the Senate to roll back the air traffic controller furloughs. The airline industry said Thursday that 16,000 people have written to Congress and the Obama administration via a website it created to create political pressure to end the furloughs called DontGroundAmerica.com.