Report: Obama signature on FAA bill held up by spelling error

The bill gives the FAA flexibility to move money from an airport improvement program to cover the salaries of air traffic controllers who were being furloughed.

The agency reported hundreds of flights were delayed each day of last week as it implemented a "traffic management" plan to manage airport congestion with reduced staffing.

Under the FAA's plan, flights that were otherwise ready to go were purposely delayed at major airports across the country.

Airlines responded to the delays by encouraging passengers to blame the sequester. More than 19,000 people used a website called to push Congress to pass a fix for the FAA furloughs.

The bill was approved by the Senate last Thursday by unanimous consent. The House followed Friday with a 361-to-41 vote of its own to end the FAA furloughs.

The fix for airline passengers was approved so quickly that parts of the bill were handwritten, according to the ABC News report.