Gallup: Majority unsure about sequester

The survey comes days after Congress hurriedly approved a bill to end furloughs at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) after airlines and passengers complained about flight delays. The FAA furloughed about 10 percent of its air traffic controllers, and the agency instituted "traffic management" to deal with airline congestion at major airports with the reduced staff.

Under the plan, the FAA purposely delayed flights that were otherwise ready to go. President Obama signed the bill to end the furloughs, and by extension the flight delays, on Wednesday.

Airlines reported that 19,000 people had used a website last week that was created to complain to Congress and the Obama administration about the flight delays.

However, Gallup found that 62 percent of its respondents said this week that they did not know whether the sequester had affected them personally.

The poll found 24 percent of its respondents did say the sequester had impacted them, compared to 11 percent who said it had not.

The full Gallup poll can be read here.