Boeing: 'Dreamliner' demand rising as plane nears return to service

“We’ve faced some challenges this year, but the team members have kept their heads down and executed the plan," Boeing's 787 production manager Larry Loftis said in a statement. "Production health continues to improve, and we remain on track to increase our production rate to 10 per month by year-end.”  

Boeing said it has produced 114 of the airplanes to date.

The 787 was widely touted before its arrival as a revolutionary craft, in part because it used the lithium-ion batteries to reduce energy consumption during flights.

The FAA's decision to ground the 787, which came just months after airlines had begun to use the large airplane, roiled the aviation industry.

Other international aviation agencies followed the FAA's lead, creating a worldwide grounding of the 787.

Boeing has expressed confidence that the 787 would be cleared to return to service, and the company has continued building the plane to meet airline orders.