TSA readies for hearing to review fine for naked protester

TSA is allowed to fine passengers who break their rules up to $11,000, according to its website. Passengers can appeal the penalties at an administrative hearing set up by the TSA, such as the one that is expected to take place this week as early as Tuesday.

The challenger in the hearing told a Portland TV station last week that intent to "interfere with, assault, threaten, or intimidate screening personnel in the performance of their screening duties" is the basis of his fine from the TSA.

"I was very cooperative," the man who was fined, John Brennan, of Portland, Ore., said in an interview with Portland TV station KATU.

"I was aware that I wasn't breaking the law and was waiting for TSA to finish their screening when I was arrested," Brennan continued.

The agency has declined to comment on Brennan's case, but defended its ability to levy fines for unruly passenger behavior.

"All of TSA’s policies and procedures comport with the law and the Constitution," the TSA said in a statement. "The civil penalty process is administrative in nature and it is distinct and separate from the criminal process."