Amtrak buying 70 new electric locomotives

Siemens Rail System President Michael Cahill said his company had a lot of experience in building new technologies for transportation.

"More and more Americans are parking their cars and choosing the comfort and convenience of trains, metros and streetcars as their preferred way of traveling," Cahill said in a statement.

"We're proud of the innovations we've brought to passengers and commuters to expand their transportation options" Cahill continued. "From downtown streetcar systems to regional, passenger rail lines, Siemens' transportation solutions like the next-generation Amtrak locomotives enhance safety, boost efficiency and performance, and are built in America leveraging Siemens' U.S. manufacturing hubs and supply chain."

Officials from both companies said the electric locomotives will allow for "easier maintenance" and also will "improve energy efficiency by using a regenerative braking system that will feed energy back into the power grid and will enhance mobility for the people, businesses and economy of the entire Northeast region."