Airline workers move toward unionizing

The union's president, James Hoffa, said the petition to hold the union vote would benefit all of American's mechanics, even the ones who did not support the campaign to gather signatures.
"Today’s election filing is a tremendous milestone for American Airlines mechanics who have built a powerful mechanic-led campaign for Teamster representation,” Hoffa said in a statement. “Their determination despite the tough odds has led to this historic achievement and will lead to a strong future for mechanics and related at AA.”

One of the mechanics worked to gather the signatures, Bill Wheeler, said the airline workers needed a union to improve their working conditions.

"Workers around the country have been under attack for years and we as American Airlines mechanics are no exception,” Wheeler said. “After enduring 20 years of concessions, outsourced jobs, bankruptcy, frozen pensions and an overall lack of respect, we are coming together to bring in the bargaining power of the Teamsters Union, which has the strongest record representing mechanics in our industry.”

American Airlines is merging with U.S. Airways. The Teamsters union is also trying to unionize U.S. Air's mechanics.