Report: TV station fires employees over fake Asiana pilot names

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that the station has since fired at least three producers involved in broadcasting the fake pilot names.

In its July 12 on-air apology, KTVU blamed the error on faulty confirmation from federal investigators who are reviewing the Asiana accident.

The investigative agency, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), placed blame for the mistaken confirmation on a summer intern that the agency said has also since been fired.

The NTSB said the San Francisco television station was the original source for the offensive names, however. The agency has said that it was simply confirming information that was presented to it, although that confirmation ended up being erroneous.

The crash of Asiana's Flight 214 on July 6 resulted in the deaths of three passengers and more than 180 other injuries.

The plane was attempting to land at the conclusion of a 10-hour flight from Seoul, Korea, to San Francisco. However, the NTSB has said the plane was flying too slowly before it crash landed at the San Francisco airport.