State transportation officials to Amtrak: Finish funding deals with states

"The states recognize the importance of intercity passenger rail service to the people and businesses that depend on the routes, as well as our overall economy,” AASHTO Executive Director Bud Wright said in a statement. “We will see a significant disruption in travel and mobility if these agreements are not in place soon. And we know states want to ensure uninterrupted passenger rail service.”

The AASHTO said that Amtrak is currently operating 21 "state-supported" routes in 15 states.

Thus far, only Virginia has reached a deal with Amtrak to keep its intrastate service running.

Wright said the shorter distance trains have proven to be popular since their introduction in 2008.

“State supported corridors account for approximately 50 percent of Amtrak’s annual ridership,” Wright said. “Any disruption to continuing service to the state supported corridors goes against AASHTO’s support for an integrated, comprehensive national transportation system.”

Congress is expected to attempt to pass a new version of the PRIIA this fall.