Auto workers' union: Government shutdown 'sad day' for democracy

King called the shutdown a "manufactured crisis" that he said was "unacceptable."

"If the right wing in Congress were serious about preventing harm to Americans, they would pass a responsible budget and end sequestration, which is estimated to reduce employment by 900,000 in the next fiscal year," he said. "The House should pass a clean, temporary budget and debt limit increase without partisan wrangling, and work with President Obama and the Senate to strengthen our country."

King said the shut down would effect auto workers because they provide services for federal agencies in many cases and also perform federally funded research.

“Along with millions of other workers, the livelihood of many UAW members is now in jeopardy because of this extremism," he said. "UAW members perform federally funded research at our nation’s colleges and universities, determine eligibility for social safety net programs, provide legal assistance to victims of domestic violence, build next generation vehicles for our military, and much more.
"A government shutdown harms all Americans now and in the future," King continued. "The UAW stands ready to work with all who are serious about strengthening our economy and creating a brighter future.”