Report: Tesla developing self-driving electric truck

Report: Tesla developing self-driving electric truck
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Tesla Inc. is developing self-driving trucking technology that may be ready to test soon, according to Reuters.

The auto company is reportedly moving closer to testing a prototype for a long-haul, electric semi-truck that will be able to drive itself and "platoon," or travel closely together with other autonomous vehicles at high speeds.

Based on emails between Tesla and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that were obtained by Reuters, it appears that Tesla wants to test the driverless truck in Nevada.

The company is also meeting with California officials "to talk about Tesla's efforts with autonomous trucks," state DMV spokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez told Reuters.

Tesla had already unveiled plans to launch a heavy-duty electric truck, likely sometime this fall.  And Tesla, like other tech giants and automakers, has been racing to build self-driving cars.

The latest report shows that Tesla is ratcheting up efforts in the long-haul trucking industry, which is considered a prime contender for autonomous vehicle technology.

Uber has also moved in a similar direction, acquiring the self-driving truck company Otto last year.