New regs for Tuesday: In-flight child seats, rural housing, broadband Internet

Tuesday's edition of the Federal Register contains new rules for rhinos, child seats on planes, rural housing subsidies, and broadband Internet.

Here's what is happening:

Rhino: The Interior Department's Fish and Wildlife Service is adding the southern white rhino to the threatened species list.

The southern white rhino resides primarily in Africa, in countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. There are approximately 17,000 southern white rhinos remaining in the world.

The rule goes into effect immediately.

Flights: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is making changes to the regulations for child restraint systems on planes. 

The FAA announced Monday it is correcting a small error in the label requirements for the child restrain systems. The rule goes into effect immediately.

Loan: The Rural Housing Service (RHS) is making changes to a subsidy program that helps people with low to moderate incomes by homes in rural America, the agency announced Monday.

The RHS said it plans to reinstate certain payment assistance methods for the direct single family housing loans program that had inadvertently been removed in 2007. 

The rule goes into effect in 75 days.

Fines: The Interior Department's Office of Natural Resources Revenue is considering raising the fines for offshore energy development companies that violate the terms of their lease with the federal government.

The proposed rule specifically targets companies that have mineral leases with the government.

The public has 60 days to comment.

Broadband: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is moving forward with new rules for the Connect America Fund, also known as the National Broadband Plan, intended to improve Internet access across the country.

The FCC's Wireline Competition Bureau announced Monday new rules for intercarrier compensation reforms that reflect the price cap and rate-of-return for local exchange carriers.

The rule goes into effect in 30 days.