Feds push wage garnishment rule for former employees who were overpaid

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is moving forward with a rule that would allow the agency to garnish the wages of former federal workers who were inadvertently paid too much by the government before leaving for the private sector. 

The rule would let the OPM recover the money by garnishing as much as 15 percent from a former OPM employee's paychecks from their new employer, an OPM spokesman said.

This would generally apply to former federal workers who were overpaid but failed to return all of the money before they left the agency, but it could also include annuity recipients, the spokesman said. 

But the rule would not include tax debts owed to the IRS, the spokesman said. 

The OPM published the wage garnishment rule in Wednesday's edition of the Federal Register, which will go into effect in 60 days.