FDA warns home tattoo kits may cause infection

The Food and Drug Administration is warning that in-home tattoo kits may leave more than just some ink on your skin.

The FDA says some in-home tattoo kits are contaminated with bacteria and have left people with skin infections. These kits are used both by people who want to ink themselves, and professional tattoo artists.

Tattoo company White and Blue Lion recalled many of these devices last month, but the FDA is warning that other tattoo kits may also be contaminated.

“FDA has confirmed one case of skin infection involving a consumer that used this company’s tattoo products, and we are aware of other reports linked to tattoo products with similar packaging," said Linda Katz, the FDA's director of the cosmetics and colors division.

The FDA is warning consumers to avoid tattoo kits that do not have a brand name or are missing the manufacturer's name and place of business, as well as those that feature a dragon logo.

People who become infected by one of these tattoo kits may notice redness, swelling, blemishes, or excessive pain in the infected area the FDA said.

If left untreated, these infections can spread to the bloodstream and cause even more severe reactions, such as fever, chills and sweats, the FDA said.

"If you're buying tattoo inks or getting a tattoo from a professional tattoo artist, you should first examine the products to determine whether the inks or kits [are suspicious]," Katz said.