New regs for Tuesday: Nuclear, airlines, trains and buses

New regs for Tuesday: Nuclear, airlines, trains and buses

The Trump administration delays new rules for airline baggage fees and security requirements for trains and buses in Tuesday’s edition of the Federal Register.

Here’s what is happening:

Trains: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is delaying potential security updates for trains and buses.

TSA began the process of issuing surface transportation security regulations last December when it issued an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking. But the agency said Monday it will reopen the comment period to give the public more time to consider the changes, which could delay the rulemaking process.

An advanced notice of proposed rulemaking is typically issued before a regulation is formally proposed. This helps TSA gather information about the current security practices in place before issuing any rules.

The public now has an additional 60 days to comment.

Airlines: The Department of Transportation (DOT) is delaying new rules for airline ancillary service charges, which range from baggage fees to the cost of upgrading to a seat with more leg room.

DOT issued a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking to regulate these airline fees on the last day of the Obama administration. But the agency said Monday it is “indefinitely suspended.”

This will likely allow the Trump administration to kill the rules.

“The suspension of the comment period will allow the president’s appointees the opportunity to review and consider this action,” the agency said.

Nuclear: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is moving forward with new guidelines for decommissioned nuclear facilities.

The guidelines will help low-level nuclear power reactors meet the requirements for being decommissioned.

The guidelines are available immediately.