Obama pokes fun at his ‘imperial presidency’

Obama pokes fun at his ‘imperial presidency’
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President Obama compared himself to tyrannical King Joffrey Baratheon from the hit show "Game of Thrones" on Saturday, in a self-deprecating nod to his aggressive use of executive authority. [READ OBAMA'S REMARKS.]

Obama has pledged to use the full weight of his office in 2014 to accomplish policy goals in lieu of congressional action. His “year of action,” involving a heavy reliance on agency regulations and executive orders, has generated widespread criticism from Republicans who contend that he is exceeding his powers.

That didn’t stop Obama from twisting the sword a bit during his remarks at the annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington.

“Anyway, this year, I’ve promised to use more executive actions to get things done without Congress,” Obama said. “My critics call this the ‘imperial presidency.’ The truth is, I just show up every day in my office and do my job.”

The line was accompanied by the image of Obama sitting on the HBO’s Iron Throne, the sword-laden seat from which the evil boy king ruled.

The line didn’t get as many laughs as some of the president’s other jokes. But it underscores the White House’s unapologetic resolve to continue pushing forward with executive action wherever possible as the president looks to further his agenda in the waning years of an administration dogged by congressional gridlock.

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