New regs for Wednesday: Health records and financial complaints

The Commerce Department is establishing a time limit specifying the types of information that can be submitted for antidumping and countervailing duty proceedings, which protect domestic markets from overly-subsidized foreign goods.

The Treasury Department is lifting sanctions on a Colombian soccer club.

Defense and Veterans:
The Department of Defense is making technical updates to its homeless shelter program.

An interim rule from the Department of Veterans Affairs will amend the process for state grants for nursing homes and health facilities to give preference to proposals that aim to fix specific life or safety problems.

The Federal Communications Commission is proposing to increase the use of some devices in the 5 GHz frequency.

Air, Water, Energy and the Environment:
The Environmental Protection Agency is issuing a limit for traces of the pesticide dinotefuran.

The Coast Guard is setting up a temporary safety zone on Michigan's Spring Lake, and establishing a special safety rule for a kayak race in Charleston, S.C.

The Department of Energy's Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is changing its delegation authority during emergencies to make sure not all commission leaders are in the Washington, D.C., region.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is issuing a draft measure to support a potential amendment of its rules on nuclear stations' strategies to deal with loss of electricity.